It is now 7 years since Symm first sponsored the horse trials at Hambleden and in this time the event has become a well-established International event, highly regarded by both competitors and spectators.
Its unique setting and levels of challenge in all classes make it a favourite event for many.  I must confess that seven years ago I knew very little about eventing and whilst I am still no expert, I now know enough to really appreciate the high levels of skill and dedication of the riders and I am looking forward to another spectacular weekend of competition.
I would like to express huge thanks to Lisa Hughes and the countless volunteers, whose amazing energy and commitment make this such a unique and special weekend for us all.
I hope you enjoy yourselves.
Aidan Mortimer
Group Chief Executive







Trade Stands

Visitors to event not only have an opportunity to wander through the glorious bluebell woods as they watch horses and riders tackle the imposing cross country fences, they also have the prospect of some excellent retail therapy. Here is a link to this year's tradestands: 2016.docx

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To apply to exhibit at our event, please email Esther Young at and she will send you the appropriate trade stand application forms along with our terms and conditions.